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The Profoundness of the Path of Totality

I took the opportunity to drive upstate NY to experience the Solar Eclipse and be in the Path of Totality on April 8 2024.

I was staying at a lodge on the north section of Lake George...a throwback to old camps. I honestly felt like I was on the set of Dirty Dancing and was waiting for the hot dance instructor to show up LOL!

I kept hearing that being in 98 or 99% totality was not a big difference. But 99 to 100% is, well, like day and night, literally. Since the spot on the lake was going to be at 99% I drove another 20 or so miles north to Crown Point NY on Lake Champlain.  

Though I actually parked my car in Vermont and walked 2 miles to the viewing area, words cannot describe the experience. But I will add a few thoughts as best as I can for those of you yet to be one with this phenomenon...

The rapid drop in temp is the first thing I noticed then the excitement of the people united in a moment. 

All beings were completely in the present which we strive for so much in our yoga practice. 

And collectively we were all there together, across continent and language, creed and race.

I was at first hesitant to look directly at the Eclipse without my glasses on in the moments of Totality (...I had read a bit about Hindu and Native practices) but after taking in the 360 degrees of the glowing horizon I looked up. 

When I saw the white ring and Venus just below this phenomenon everything seemed to stop. I felt other worldly, the past and the present merging. 

And with the greatest respect can only describe the feeling like experiencing OM. 

If all our ancestors and relatives exist here I believe they are at peace 

In the moment I did not cry (...very unusual for me) but the effects are definitely profound. 

Tears have flowed freely since then without knowing quite why.

I understand now why there are "eclipse chasers." I may have become one of them…

Portugal/Spain 2026 anyone? :)

A few seconds in Totality and a continuing effect spiritually.

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